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The following self made films are the work of Philip Davidson, aka Phil Day. Click on link for more information, clips, trailers and access to film.

The Travel Films...

DWS popular award
An uplifting film about the life culture and history of the county of Sussex in England. Great music, great fun. Liked by almost everyone. 32 minutes

Day's Devonpopular
A portrait of Devon, its history, its culture. An adventurous tour through this county. Evocative music throughout, mainly from local musicians. This film is liked by all generations, but is adored by an older English speaking generation. 60 mins

Somerset award 26 mins
My first film. A musical tour around the county of Somerset, England. (King Arthur etc.) 26 mins

The Campaign Films...

An Autumn Diary -award
30 mins - 2014. This is a short campaign film that has caused a big stir and dozens of rousing debates. A campaign film that appeals to ordiary people. After nearly 80 public events it is now available to view online online

Our Power 2015. A short (12 mins) campaign film explaining TTIP. I couldn't understand what TTIP was about so made a film about it. It is probably the best explanation you'll have about it. It is now online. Go here

The Ancient Mystery 26 mins
A theory, with some evidence, of an advanced matriarchal civilisation having lived on Dartmoor about 5,000 years ago.. Was at short film corner of


Goddess in Avalon
A lot of women from different countries dancing around an epic fire. It starts off slow and gets progressively wilder. A rare look at untamed female spirituality. one more for the arty or spiritual fraternity- 42 mins.

Michael's Secret
A short film (10 mins) about a suppressed WW2 secret. Was in short film corner at

Some Recent 2 minute shorts