Somerset ... my first film and a little primitive - but awarded! (28 minutes)

This is how it all began folks!
I was lent film equipment from Phil Shepherd who was setting up the Engine Room in Bridgwater and told to get on with it. What followed was a frantic thirty days and thirty nights - thinking of a film, writing it, shooting it, re-writing it, getting to grips with the editing programme (final cut) by trial and error and the help menu, recording VO through the lousy camera mike, hassling local musicians and a woman with a synthesiser’Ķ.

’Ķ an intense 30 days and some all-nights and at the end, surprisingly the film well liked and I became a local hero for about a couple of weeks. I was assigned a local government business mentor who turned out to be eleven pence short of a shilling, but someone put the film (I don't think it was him) into a couple of festivals and it won. At that point I should have turned professional but instead went onto make another bigger film, all by myself, grrrr.

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